120 Highland AveKellogg Concepts has provided full scope of architectural services for addition and remodel to the client’s single story California-Tudor style home, built in 1924, at 120 Highland Ave.

Services include exploring several design options to completely remodel the existing kitchen and main bathroom, add a new master bathroom, and add new LED down-lighting throughout the house.

The concept is to inventively use limited space in the house to create an open space design unifying the new kitchen with dining area and new family media center, and expand the adjoining master bedroom with the addition of a new master bathroom back to back with the new kitchen.  The goal is to achieve quality results with attention to detail while at the same time respecting a modest budget.  The Kitchen materials include naturally finished cherry wood cabinets with granite countertop and custom designed tile backsplash, and a complimentary Italian tile floor.

The primary project design challenge was to add a new master bathroom directly adjacent to the new kitchen.   While both are modest in size, each were designed with care to balance available space and to appear generous and welcoming with a warm and bright material and color pallet.

And Kellogg Concepts was able to obtain Design Review approval and avoid the need for a Variance for a site structural coverage by trading the area for the new kitchen entry stair and landing, slightly smaller than the existing layout, for the building addition to the kitchen which is essential for a functional and open kitchen design.

The project was constructed in about 4 months beginning in January, 2013. More information and images of the completed project has been posted in the Architecture Gallery.

Jim Kellogg

Principal, Kellogg Concepts.