Kellogg Concepts has designed an Accessory Dwelling Unit above a new Garage-Workspace, adjoining an existing single family house in Napa, California. The existing house is a one story home with a master bedroom loft in the gable roof attic.  It is designed in a 1920s bungalow farmhouse style with enclosed front porch, multi-level gable roof, and a distinct front roof dormer window opening to the master bedroom loft. The materials include traditional double hung wood windows and cedar shingle exterior skin.

Existing Single Family Farmhouse:

Existing House

The existing property includes a large side yard space adjacent to the existing house, which serves as an ideal location for the new accessory dwelling unit and garage-workspace. The garage-work space serves as both a new enclosed full size parking space and substantial enclosed area for a workshop-art studio. The second level Accessory Dwelling unit is a modest 540sf one bedroom unit supporting the need to provide additional housing space for moderate income families, and increased density of housing in existing California bay-area neighborhoods.

The design sites the new structure in the side yard open space, with the front yard setback aligned with existing house. The design carefully integrates the mass and scale of the new two story structure with the small single story house, while also respecting the bungalow farmhouse style.  The design includes a carefully stepped back front elevation with a multi-level gable roof stepped down from the second floor dwelling unit to the first floor garage-workspace, harmonizing with the scale and style of the existing single story house enclosed front porch. An overhanging deck and front elevation roof dormer window, reflecting the design of the existing house, open into the second level dwelling unit open plan living space. The new dwelling unit includes an exterior entry stair located on the side of the new structure to open the space and provide light between the new and existing structures. The materials include simple exterior stucco walls, double hung windows, optional glass or open metal grille stair and deck railings, and horizontal clapboard base and mid level belt course to enhance the horizontal scale of the new two story structure and relationship to the existing house.

New Site Plan:


New Garage-Workspace First Floor Plan:


New Accessory Dwelling Unit Second Floor Plan:


New Front Elevation:


New Garage-Accessory Dwelling Unit Front View:


New Accessory Dwelling Unit Entry:


New Garage-Accessory Dwelling Unit Rear Elevation:


Designed by,

James Kellogg

Principal, Kellogg Concepts