Kellogg Concepts has provided architectural planning and design services to Piedmont Community Church to revitalize the Chapel.  The Chapel was originally built as part of the Christian Education Building in 1953, and has evolved from a traditional Chapel with fixed pews to a multi-purpose room without a clear sense of place.  The project design included analyzing opportunities for simple and practical improvements that would bring back life, color balance, and the Chapel character yet offer multi-purpose functionality. The design options were prepared utilizing SketchUp 3D to develop accurate modeling of the existing layout and the proposed design.

Existing Chapel and Existing Chancel, Altar and Open Storage

The solution was a modest renovation of the Chapel respectful of the mid-20thC styling that includes glue-lam wood structure, stained redwood paneling, full glazed walls and stained glass accent windows, and a lack of adequate lighting in the central space. The design for the central space included new lighting and carpet with accent band design to add scale and definition to the central space, redesign of the Chancel area with open storage into an intimately scaled Chapel with moveable wood seating, and the addition of carefully integrated storage rooms to serve multi-use functions. The program required accommodating seating for small groups as well as groups of over 50 in the central space, and religious service seating for 18-24 in the Chancel.  The plan also included looking beyond interior renovation of the Chapel by expanding the space into a future Meditation Garden visually connected to the Chapel through the adjoining fully glazed wall.

Chapel Remodel Design Layout

Chapel Remodel – Central Space Design

Chancel Space Design

Chancel Flexible Seating Layout

The Chancel was redesigned to define the edge of the intimate seating area by enclosing the adjoining open storage area and relocating existing stained glass windows to create borrowed lights to enliven the character of the Chancel. The layout was designed with new lighting carefully selected to include pendants and wall sconces in the central space and new beech wood stackable chairs  that both reflect the original 20thC design, and warm colors for the carpet and blue-green accent bands that blend with the original stained redwood paneling.

Completed Chapel remodel project:

Materials utilized:

Lighting: George Kovacs, “Glass Bowl Pendant Lamps P592” and “Fieldale Lodge” Wall Sconces with LED lamps.

Carpet: Mohawk “World Vision / Desert Scene” field and Shaw “Emphatic II / Stone Wall” accent bands

Seating: Holsag “Campus 4” beech wood stackable chairs with “Douglass Shire Stonewall” fabric.

James Kellogg, Principal

Kellogg Concepts